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Unions & Weddings

Your union, partnership, or wedding is about you and your partner, family, and your friends. It's not about standing around waiting for your photographer or spending the day in front of the camera. Simply put, we are there to record your day as it happens. What you see in my images is what actually happens and is a real, uncontrived record of your day. In years to come I want you to be able to look back and see how things unfolded in a clear, natural, and contemporary way.

Photographing mainly in black and white, with occasional considered use of colour, my documentary style allows me to work quickly, unobtrusively, and with the minimum of fuss. Real memories happen on their own and don't need a photographer to orchestrate them or contrive them. That means that if it doesn't happen naturally then you won't see them in the resulting images. I won't have you balancing on one foot or create awkward, goofy poses. Natural is the order of the day.  We'll take some time for some simple portraits, but we will make sure that they don't monopolize the day. The result? Your photographs will be much more "comfortable" looking and you can get on with the important business of the day.

If you have an evening event then we'll capture the vitality, vibrancy and fun for you.   We'll balance the documentary and reportage feel of the day with some intimate photographs of you with your guests in the evening to give you a relaxed and natural collection of images that reveal the true essence of your day. We are known for getting into the action to capture the real mood of the party.  My work at receptions is something different and exciting and when you look back on the images you will be able to re-live the excitement all over again.

Take a look at the sample galleries for a refreshing look at my work. It's a little different, but it's about you and your love.